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Blue Sun Super Sour Soda

Blue Sun Super Sour Soda will have your taste buds in a twist and asking questions later. Regardless of which flavor you choose, each one will have you puckering your lips in no time flat. However, they also have a great balance of flavors and sweetness to finish smooth and delicious. If you love all things sour, you’ll definitely love these flavors!

Blue Sun Super Sour Soda is available in 6 delicious flavors including Bad Temper Blueberry, Cheeky Cherry, Good Gracious Green Apple, Orange You Tart, Pucker Up Grape, and Wow Wow Watermelon. If you are a true “sour head”, you’ll likely enjoy every single flavor. However, take the time to enjoy each one and we’re certain you’ll settle on your overall favorite.

Available Soda Flavors

Image of Blue Sun Super Sour Soda Flavors